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fishery scientist, fly tier, author




about Dennis

Dennis P Lee has over 48 years of experience helping to manage California’s diverse fisheries and habitats. In addition, he has a personal involvement in fly fishing as well as fly tying throughout his career. Most importantly as a fisheries scientist, coupled with being an avid steelhead angler, also a fly tier and subsequently an author, he provides unique perspective into the fly fishing world.

news release:

The NEW book, California Winter Steelhead, Life History and Fly Fishing, author – Dennis P Lee, is available for purchase. You can order your copy below!

Order soon as his previous book, The Half-Pounder, A Steelhead Trout,  has  SOLD OUT!

new 2021 fly boxes

tied by Dennis P Lee

In addition to the variety of collections available, 3 new Assorted Fly Boxes and 2 new River Fly Boxes have also been added! Similarly boxes of custom steelhead flies are also available. Additionally not only purchase for specific rivers but also different fishing situations. Furthermore, Dennis, with attention to detail, uses the highest quality materials and hooks. Not to mention and equally important, they ship in a metal tin with see-through lid!

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California Winter Steelhead Book

Another hardback book with over 300 pages of information is now available. Specifically, steelhead names, taxonomy, evolution, historical and current California distribution are included. Together with chapters on winter steelhead fly fishing equipment, presentation and methods your skills should be enhanced. Additionally, winter steelhead fly history and styles, along with conservation and management are discussed. What's more, over 100 color pictures of winter steelhead flies are included.​

steelhead image

The Half-Pounder Book

A Limited Edition book, only 500 copies released, is devoted to half-pounder life history and fly fishing. Also included is information about evolution and distribution. Together with information from published and unpublished fisheries studies significantly adds to the book. Furthermore, numerous graphs depict run timing, speed of migration and distribution. Additionally fly fishing methods and techniques are discussed in detail. Not to mention as well as color plates of over 150 half-pounder flies.

Dennis P. Lee - fly

River Fly Boxes

Uniquely tied custom fly box assortments include one dozen of the most popular and successful flies for specific west coast steelhead rivers. Specifically, these flies have been used by steelhead anglers for many decades. By the same token these boxes take the guesswork out of selecting flies for your next steelhead fishing trip. Not to mention all flies are tied with the highest quality materials and best hooks available. Furthermore, each collection come packaged in a handy cork-lined metal tin box with a plastic see-through lid.

Dennis P. Lee - fly

Assorted Fly Boxes

Beautifully tied custom flies in assorted collections are selected for specific fishing situations. Moreover, each collection includes a selection of the most popular and successful patterns. (Intruder Assortment includes 10 flies, Soft-Hackled include 16 flies). Likewise all flies are tied with the highest quality materials and best hooks available. Similarly, each collection comes packaged in a handy cork-lined metal tin box with a plastic see-through lid.(However, the Intruder Assortment comes in a clear plastic box).